Refresh button for Usage window

Started by JoeC4281

Refresh button for Usage window   09 May 2022, 04:37

I am using NetGenius version 1.1.0 64-bit on Window 10 Professional. In the Usage window, there are buttons for:
  • Save...
  • Hours
  • Reset

At present, when I want to refresh the usage for the "This Month" tab, I click on the "Last Month" tab, and then on the "This Month" tab, which refreshes and updates the usage.

If possible, can another button be added to the Usage window, that would allow one to "Refresh" or "Update" the usage data, without having to click on another tab, and then click on the "This Month" tab?

Joe Caverly
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, version 10.0.19044.1645
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Re: Refresh button for Usage window   09 May 2022, 15:01

Thank you for the feedback. There is no "Refresh" button as we strive to keep application interfaces uncluttered whenever possible.

Because one day is the smallest interval, for which precise usage numbers are displayed, any frequent pressing of a "Refresh" button most likely wouldn't reveal any significant change in those numbers. And for an occasional refresh, if the user needs it for any reason, switching between tabs would achieve that, just as you are currently doing.

In addition, the main NetGenuis window was the one intended for real time monitoring. It shows live charts, and the usage numbers in the Session column are always current and don't require user action for refreshing.

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