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How to remove or hide taskbar graph

Started by Geoffrey


How to remove or hide taskbar graph   16 March 2023, 08:54


NetGenius Taskbar Extension is showing well in Windows 11. But I'd like to not show the graph; only the speeds.

With Windows 10, I was able to do that. I know that this is more difficult for you with Windows 11, but will this option be possible one day?

Thank you,

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Re: How to remove or hide taskbar graph   16 March 2023, 09:07

To hide the graph and display only the speed numbers in the taskbar, simply move the mouse to the left side of the taskbar graph, then click it and drag it to the right, making the extension area narrower. Once it's narrow enough, the graph will be hidden, and only the speeds will remain.

Re: How to remove or hide taskbar graph   16 March 2023, 09:13

Oh... Awesome! It was simple as that?
I never had the idea to try to drag it, as this is uncommon in taskbar.

Nice feature! Kind of hidden, but nice.

Thanks for your time.

Have a nice day,


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