A tool for evaluating the sufficiency of home internet connection for online schooling

Started by Tony

Hello, we currently have 1Gbps FTTP fibre into our home, but are considering a move that would rely on Starlink for Internet. As my son already schools online with live lessons, my wife (especially) is very unsure of how Internet provided by Starlink would work for us.

Your Connection Emulator tool looks perfect to try different latency and bandwidths, and would allow us to try worse case scenarios. But as a domestic user that only has a single/short term use, the full license cost is not really viable for us. The 30 second trial is enough to demonstrate what it can do, but for our results to be meaningful we would need for him to do a day of schooling on worst, best and average limit settings. Is there any way you could perhaps provide a lower cost license for us that would expire after a week or month maybe, or some other way that we could use your tool to get a gauge what a Starlink connection would likely be like without having to buy it at full cost as we only need it for this one instance and for a short time?
Sorry for the big ask, and for being (really) cheeky!! Many thanks, Tony
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Re: A tool for evaluating the sufficiency of home internet connection for online schooling   28 July 2023, 09:59

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding our Connection Emulator tool and expressing your interest in evaluating Starlink's potential performance for your online schooling needs. While it can certainly simulate different latency and bandwidth scenarios and provide valuable insights into various network conditions, we want to clarify that it may not entirely replicate the exact experience you would have with Starlink or any other internet service. There are numerous external factors and variables involved in real-world scenarios that cannot be entirely captured by such emulator. In addition, as you have noticed, it was intended for long-term commercial use rather than for short-term home use.

However, we have a great alternative solution for you. We have another application, NetGenius, which allows you to set bandwidth limits and/or latency on any process. This tool might better serve your purpose in evaluating Starlink's performance for your online schooling requirements.

The good news is that NetGenius comes with a fully functional 30-day trial period, providing you with ample time to conduct your assessments and determine if Starlink meets your needs. This should give you the opportunity to try out worst, best, and average limit settings for a full range of experiences. And its licensing offers a good option for home users.

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