Both, incoming and outgoing options in rule settings

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q1. I'm a bit confused in 'both, incoming, outgoing' options in rule settings?
Let's imagine there's a PC A and a Gate B with BWM, then incoming = A to B, outgoing = B to A
Am I right?

q2. And when there's a def called transfer source and destination, why should we select a type (incoming or outgoing)?

q3. Is it possible to block a certain file type?

q4. When I blocked A, can A gets a customizable message?

q5. When I set a connection penalty, can client who exceeds the limit gets a customizable message?
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Both, incoming and outgoing options in rule settings   06 August 2013, 20:40

1. Correct.

2. In case if you want restrict uploads only or downloads only.

3. Most likely not, depending on what you mean by a file type.

4. Yes, but in that case you'd have to create another rule that would redirect that user to a custom page and place it above the blocking rule.

5. No, there's simply no way to display it to the user. It's however possible to send an email when the user exceeds a quota.

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