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Redirecting web requests to internal portal

Started by xames


Redirecting web requests to internal portal   01 November 2013, 06:01

I have a forefront tmg firewall running with 4 layers 2 nics for 2 lans and 2 nics for 2 isps, but its hard to make a captivate portal under this scenario. I'm so excited with bm, how i can redirect any web request to my internal portal? i don't understand how to redirect web requests with that program.
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Re: Redirecting web requests to internal portal   01 November 2013, 12:58

First you need to create a mapping that redirects requests to a URL:

SoftPerfect support forum

Then you need to create a rule like this:

Source: Any IP address : Any port
Destination: not X.X.X.X : port 80
Protocol: IPv4 TCP
Mapping: Test

SoftPerfect support forum

Where x.x.x.x is the address of your portal. After this, whoever attempts to open a web-site and is not processed by a preceding rule, will be handled by this rule and redirected to the portal.

It's important to exclude the portal's address in this rule as otherwise in may result in a endless redirecting loop.

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