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Does Bandwidth Manager have to be installed on gateway or bridge?

Started by milind saraswala

milind saraswala

Does Bandwidth Manager have to be installed on gateway or bridge?   01 November 2013, 14:29

I have install trial version of Bandwidth Manager on my Windows 2008 R2 Server. In my network Internet DSL router is connected to 12 port hub and from that all my network is connected. That means my internet is shared from DSL router. Now my question to you for bandwidth manager is do I have to share my internet from server where it is installed or it will work on my existing network configuration.
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Re: BWM requires a Windows-based computer acting as the Internet gateway or bridge   01 November 2013, 21:20

The software won't work if you just install it on a regular computer. It requires a Windows based computer acting as the Internet gateway or bridge, which can be schematically shown as:
<PC2>--<Switch>--<SRV>--<Router/DSL>--<The Internet>
<SRV> is the gateway computer where SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager is installed, and PC1 to PC3 are regular computers.

If you just install the software on PC1, there is no way to control bandwidth of the other computers because they access the Internet directly. In other words, the software needs to physically 'see' and filter traffic. This is why it is usually installed on a gateway. If you install it just on your computer, it will not be able to control other computers' traffic.

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