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Step-by-step setup guide

Started by planesaver


Step-by-step setup guide   02 December 2013, 22:16

Hello, I am in Afghanistan, with a team of techs, MC, and pilots for a UAV. We are all on the same internet network, going through 1 router. Someone is hogging the bandwidth, and causing our internet to be shut off because of overage before the end of the month. I purchased this software to help me manage the bandwidth. I am having trouble setting up the software so I can see all devices, and monitor the bandwidth they're using. Is there a step by step guide for dummies? Thanks for any help. Jeff
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Re: Step by step set up guide   03 December 2013, 08:51

It's impossible to provide a step by step guide as each case is different.

We have some common usage scenarios here.

If could describe in detail what network equipment if you have and how it's all connected, I may be able to advise on it.

Re: Step by step set up guide   03 December 2013, 13:07

Thanks for the reply. We have a Bentley Walker Satellite internet modem, with a Linksys E2500 wireless router connected to that. Everyone connects through the wireless router. There is no way to install software, or configure other personal computers on the network. I'm thinking that this really isn't the software I need to do this. Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Step by step set up guide   03 December 2013, 14:26

Unfortunately in this case where everyone connects a wireless router directly, there is no possibility to control bandwidth. No software would help in this situation as there's simply no point which traffic could be intercepted at.

Normally there would be an additional computer with bandwidth management software plugged between the satellite modem and the wireless router. So if you have a spare computer with two network cards, that could be a way to go.

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