Traffic management, bandwidth reservation

Started by Vitali


Traffic management, bandwidth reservation   04 December 2013, 14:39

Hi All. Help please with some questions smile

How to configure BM ruleset, with guaranteed (reserved) bandwidth? For example, to reserve some bandwidth, for gateway critical services, especially DNS service?
Rule, with "Unlimited" guarantees(robs) bandwidth (from other rules, lower in the list)?

If the server is running RRAS, the initial interface, for user limiting,(instead of Phy LAN) will Dial-in?
RRAS Dial-In interface and WAN Network Interface(IP) (in BM) is one and the same interface?
Or, WAN Network Interface(IP), this class WAN interfaces(Dial-In, Dial-Up)?

Thank you. Sorry for the bad English.
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Re: Traffic management   04 December 2013, 15:28

There's no bandwidth reservation available, however if create an unlmited DNS rule and add it at the top of the ruleset, it will be processed without queuing (that's faster then other rules).

The WAN interface is a generic virtual interface that any dial-up and dial-in data is transferred through.

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