Captive Portal capabilities

Started by pjred

Captive Portal capabilities   26 December 2013, 18:36

Have you thought about adding Captive Portal capabilities to the software.

I know there is the web redirect ability but it would be good to be able to setup a Captive page when first trying to access the internet, kinda like "your payment is due" then "click here to continue" type page.
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Re: Captive Portal   01 January 2014, 14:48

Yes, we are considering implementing captive portal functionality in BM.

For that, it would be great if you could specify more details on what exact features you need and how they would be used.

Re: Captive Portal   02 January 2014, 12:45

I'm sure there would be different requests on this feature but a simple redirect to a web page (whether internal or external) with a counter that could be reset manually or at set times that directs people to an initial page (such as "payment due" or "accept terms"or whatever with a "click here to continue normal browsing"wink.
The reset counter would take them back to the initial captive page.

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