Feature request: scheduled autorestart to clear the memory

Started by john3

Hi Andrew,

May I suggest this very easy to implement feature.

I sometimes find my self having to restart the Softlayer service as a maintenance/performance routine, today the memory usage was 1.5GB (which never happened before). Usually it is very low memory usage.

Can you implement a scheduled autorestart to clear the memory and keeps things fresh. Just an idea. Or maybe only if it reaches a certain threshold.

Just an idea.

Keep improving it, I love this app!
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Re: Feature request: scheduled autorestart to clear the memory   24 April 2014, 15:19

I guess that's not about the Bandwidth Manager software. If you want to restart a third-party service periodically, just use the built-in Windows scheduler. An example can be found here.
I meant Softperfect Service. Today the BMcore.exe was using 500mb.

I suppose I can schedule a restart as you suggested.


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