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Transfer penalties: slow the connection down after a big file was downloaded

Started by Tom01


I have a question regarding Bandwidth Manager. I want to slow down YouTube and downloading of large files once the quota has been consumed. Essentially, not cut the user off, but cripple downloads, streaming and anything large to only allow basic email and web browsing. I have a rule with a quota attached with rate suspended so once the primary quota is totally consumed, the rule will activate the next one down in the list which has long transfer penalties applied.

I have the threshold set to 10 seconds and allocate 10%. My connection is capable of 14.5 Megabytes per second (so the initial rate is 14.5MB/s).

I've noticed once this option is on the user can still pull over 1 Megabyte a second (say the transfer maxes out at 3 Megabytes a second from that certain website). This is still far too fast and it doesn't appear the penalty is not taking effect.
I was hoping that I would be able to slow all large transfers down to say 56k or so to make the connection unusably slow to discourage any downloads after which speed returns to normal for light browsing automatically.

I haven't had the time to go and test this yet, but how would I get Bandwidth Manager to detect long transfers and slow the connection right down until the user stops downloading? I assume it is taking 10% of the 14.5MB/s?

Thank you,
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Re: Transfer Penalties   06 June 2014, 10:14

It's 10% of the configured rule rate.

For example, if the second rule (that becomes active after the first one suspends) is set to allow 10 MB/s and the penalty allocation is set to 10%, then large downloads will be given 1 MB/s.

So you need to set some reasonable rate limit in the second rule, probably same as in the quota, and then allocate a lower percentage to heavy downloads.

Re: Transfer Penalties   07 June 2014, 14:43

Hi Andrew,

I gave this a shot, and it works well. Thankyou!

I find a combination of long transfers penalty (10 seconds / 10%) will slow large downloads while also using large transfers penalty (4MB / 10% ) will making watching YouTube videos hard.

On another question, I was using your development build (3.0.6) which you posted about in another topic recently. I noticed a new version has been released yesterday. I figure it would be best to update to the latest release. How is the best way to upgrade Bandwidth Manager?
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Re: Transfer Penalties   08 June 2014, 15:03

Just install the latest release over the current installation. That's all smile

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