Feature suggestion to curb p2p

Started by John


Feature suggestion to curb p2p   13 June 2014, 00:04

While the multi-connection penalty works it might still block legitimate users.
I am interested in blocking Bittorrent which by default uses ports 6881-6999, and my log shows connection to those ports. I would like a Plenalty based on destination port access, So if a user accesses port 6881 UDP then his connected is blocked. I mean ALL his connection not just to that destination. 6881 is the most common torrent port I see in my logs.

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Re: Feature suggestion to curb p2p   13 June 2014, 12:11

How's that supposed to work, in details? Suppose a user makes the connection to 6881, after which all his connections would be blocked? For how long?

What you could currently do is:
  1. Create a rule that blocks outgoing connections to ports 6881-6999. This won't stop them all of course.
  2. Create a rule that uses the DPI filter for P2P/uTorrent. This should block those who bypass the previous rule.

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