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Bridging to get Bandwidth Manager behind the NAT

Started by Yvonne Chastain

Yvonne Chastain

Bridging to get Bandwidth Manager behind the NAT   23 July 2014, 21:35

This is an old quote from your Forums and it gave me hope:
If the user is connecting to a wireless router, either via wireless or lan connection, he will show up at the hotspot as the mac of the wan side of the router. You would put in a rule for whatever ip address is assigned to the wan port of the router. You can't have users behind a router and shape them individually, as they will get a nat at the router, and show up as the ip/mac of the wan side of the router. Now if you have an access point that does bridging, then you could catch each user, as they would not be getting a nat.

I'd like to know exactly how to bridge my desktop with my wireless router. Essentially from what I understand it's about getting my router to think of my computer as another LAN connection while letting one of my 3 Ethernet cards act as a WAN connection I "bridge" to another wired or wireless card with "Internet Connection Sharing". Such as connecting my modem to wired card 1 and "Sharing" that connection with wireless card 1. Which would create a Wi-Fi network my router could bridge with thereby sharing everything and letting my desktop handle the NAT right? Kind of like a wireless LAN connection. I know in order to bridge my current wireless modem I have to connect it to a LAN connection not a WAN connection. Otherwise it'll hide everything behind it's NAT.

Anyways, where does the bridge I created with the Bandwidth Manager stand in all this and what do I need to do exactly to set it up? I know my way around my Router Settings. Even though I don't use most of them. So if I need to do something there just tell me what it is. Anyways, my understanding of the principles behind this connection might be a bit rough. However my ability to work with basic principles once I understand them is more than enough for me to learn most tech quickly. I've got a very mechanical mind so I'm good at understanding how things work even if I'm speaking with someone who's still reading or in some cases writing the book. So if you can help me understand a bit more about what's possible and maybe the mechanics of the how, I'd really appreciate it!!

I'm sure after all the Forum posts I read that I'm one of hundreds of people looking to get their wireless setups configured so that they can get the Bandwidth Manager behind their NATs.
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Re: Bridging to get Bandwidth Manager behind the NAT   28 July 2014, 12:45

Sorry, it's not very clear what you have in place and what you are trying to achieve.

Basically the way bridging works, BM simply forwards packets back and forth between two NICs based on packet's target MAC address. Usually a bridge is used between a router and a distribution switch or a router and an access point.

More details about bridging can be found here.

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