Can I use Bandwidth Manager on the bridge between wired and wireless routers?

Started by Bear Shinn

Can I use SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager to act as an intermediate bridge between a wired and wireless router? I'm looking to let my wired router act as my DHCP Server and use my Wireless Router to bridge the the two and make my network available to Wi-Fi devices. Could I use your program to shape traffic between both of the routers essentially getting me behind the primary routers IP address and NAT, thereby allowing me to set data and bandwidth limits on individual Wi-Fi devices as they attempt to access the wired router through the wireless router?

I'm looking to manage traffic between all my devices and the DHCP server, rather than between the modem and the DHCP server.... The only thing on the modem's side is the DHCP servers MAC and IP address, so I need to be on the devices side in order to manage them each individually. Which is a big deal when I need to do more than just manage your Wireless Router. In my case I want to manage each device that connects through Wi-Fi individually.

Anyways, please reply ASAP! Thanks!
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Re: Can I use Bandwidth Manager on the bridge between wired and wireless routers?   17 August 2014, 15:49

Generally yes, but it depends whether the wireless router can be configured to act as a bridge also. If not, then the wireless router may conceal client IP and MAC addresses, which will render this setup unusable. In this case you may want to use an access point instead.

I guess I recommend to download the trial version, install it on a box with two NICs between your devices and see how traffic flows through it as it really depends how the wireless router works.

The trial version can be downloaded here and bridge configuration can be found here.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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