Changing the database file location

Started by dbeckstrom

Changing the database file location   25 February 2015, 09:05

I would like to move the Bandwidth Manager database files. They are installed in the windows ProgramData folder by default and it doesn't appear that is adjustable. Is there any way to specify an alternate location for the database files?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Database file location   25 February 2015, 10:22

The DB file location is not configurable within the Bandwidth Manager itself, but you can easily do it using a symbolic link as follows:
  1. Stop the Bandwidth Manager service
  2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\SoftPerfect and move the entire Bandwidth Manager folder to where you want it to reside.
  3. Open a command prompt as Administrator.
  4. Type mklink /D "C:\ProgramData\SoftPerfect\Bandwidth Manager" "D:\NewLocation\Bandwidth Manager"
  5. Click the newly created link in Windows Explorer to make sure it's working and taking you to the new location.
  6. Start the Bandwidth Manager service.

Here is more info on creating links, you can also move things from other applications as well.

Re: Database file location   07 March 2015, 07:56

Just wanted to confirm, these steps worked perfectly. BCU is now running on a ram disk for better performance.

Thanks for your help!!

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