Setting rules for a wireless modem

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Setting rules for a wireless modem   12 April 2015, 19:45

I have a wireless ADSL modem that connects to my onboard network card (named "INTERNET") that sets IP automatically. With turning on ICS in this network I shared Internet with another network card that treats as local network (named "LOCAL") with the range of, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11.
Now I have some questions:
1. I want to write some rules to associate Internet access with different criteria to somebody (I wrote them) and block other IPs. How to block other IPs than those 6 NICs?
2. Is there any way to set limitation to wireless uses? (my modem wifi ip range is 192.168.1.x)
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Re: Setting rules for a wireless modem   12 April 2015, 23:22

1) You need to add a blocking rule at the end of the rule set while permitting rules must go first. A blocking rule is something that looks like this:

Source: Range: -
Destination: Any
Rate: Blocked
Interface: LOCAL

By the way, the permitting rules must apply on the LOCAL interface too.

2) There's no way to control the wireless traffic in this case because it flows directly from users to the modem and then to your ISP. It never reaches the computer with BM, so the management is not possible.

Re: setting rule for wireless modem   13 April 2015, 14:21

thanx Andrew, solved

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