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Started by Ronny


RAM Usage   25 May 2015, 20:27

Hi Andrew,

I wanted to know, from you, what would you consider a 'fair' amount of RAM usage for the BMCore?

I have had 3.1.2 running for about 3 Days and it is currently sitting at 138MB, with Version 2.9.1 it never went over 30MB, even after a year of uptime.

I have 4GB RAM on a Windows 2008r2 server, so what would happen if Version 3.1.2 had to reach 2GB after a few weeks of running (does it have a upper limit)? Meaning the service seems to increase RAM usage at a rate of 40MB per day (give or take on my configuration) giving me 7 weeks before I hit 2GB. Would BWM just stop when the system can't give anymore RAM to it, or does it have some sort 'refresh' period within the program?

Many Thanks
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Re: RAM Usage   25 May 2015, 20:43

It depends on many things, mostly what ruleset you are using and what options are enabled. For example, the connection tracking feature would add to memory usage, the port mapping would do so as well, and so on.

I am not aware of any memory leaks in BM, but if the growing memory usage is a concern, the easiest workaround to avoid a failure upon exhausting all available RAM to schedule a task to restart the BM service for example once a week.

This article explains how to do it for another service. The restart would only take a few seconds unnoticeable for the users.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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