Bandwidth reduction through BWM

Started by dbeckstrom

Bandwidth reduction through BWM   12 June 2015, 01:40

I've been working on a project of implementing our BWM installation to a new server on a new fiber link. Our new link is a 100 Meg connection. Testing on the link with the BWM service stopped allows me to get access to the full 100 Meg capacity of the link on the BWM server. When I enable the service I can only get about half of the bandwidth through the link (with no load yet on the circuit - I've not switched customers over to this link yet).

Further, when testing a client machine on the network, I get 25 Meg to the client with a rule defined and set to unlimited. If I disable the rule to the client, I can get about 45 Meg (again about half of the available bandwidth).

I've found that if I delete all the rules, I do have full bandwidth available with the service enabled.

Is this a side affect of a large ruleset? We show 541[381] rules. Or is it more likely a certain rule or type of rule that is slowing down access? If you need to review the rules, this is the same set of rules I emailed you when you found and corrected the large number of rules was causing the timeout issue.

Let me know your thoughts and any suggestions.

Thanks so much for your help and excellent program.

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Re: Bandwidth reduction through BWM   12 June 2015, 15:13

It's sort of both. For every network packet the software has to check the entire ruleset, even though we use certain optimisations to do as few checks as possible.

A major slowdown can be that some rules (three rules in your ruleset) are using the DPI engine to filter P2P traffic. Deep traffic analysis does consume CPU resources.

Could perhaps try turning off the rules that detect P2P and see if this helps?

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