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Started by Jalal


Live Usage Monitor   22 February 2016, 23:28

Dear great softperfect team,
After upgrading to the latest version, I noticed that the live usage monitor displays the average download speed for each rule and the average is calculated in a 30 seconds period. Before upgrading, it used to display the average speed in a pretty much shorter period, perhaps a few seconds.
I liked the previous behavior. Is there an option I can set or can you add an option if there isn't any in the future versions?
Thanks a lot.
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Re: Live Usage Monitor   22 February 2016, 23:42

This part of the code hasn't changed in 3 years or so, which means that's how the average speed has been calculated for a while. What version did upgrade from?

Re: Live Usage Monitor   25 February 2016, 21:28

Thank you Andrew for your response.
About the period the Live Usage Monitor uses to calculate the average speed, I used to think that it used a shorter period for calculation; my mistake.
I would rather rephrase my original question: Can you add an option to make this period shorter (instead of 30 seconds which is quite long) so that one can see the momentary speed?
This is all because I use the software in a small network and keep optimizing my rules. In the rules, I use quotas, penalties, DPI, smooth speed decrease, ...etc. When I notice that the Internet speed is slow, I go to check the momentary speed assigned to each client using the Live Usage Monitor (because of penalties, in the main window I cannot see the momentary speed, although I can see the new speed applied by the quota's smooth speed decrease) but every time I use the live monitor, I have to spend much time and keep refreshing in order to see the momentary speed.
I love Softperfect Bandwidth Management and I just don't have this functionality. If such option is not available, do you think it's worth adding in a future upgrade or release?
Thank you Andrew.
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Re: Live Usage Monitor   29 February 2016, 13:19

Thank for the explanation. I'll see if we can add a choice of how to compute the average in the next release.

In the meantime, I'd recommend to read the charts as the chart's lines represent momentary speed at any point within the last 30 seconds.

Thanks   07 March 2016, 23:12

Thanks Andrew,
You are super awesome ok, yes, thumb up

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