Socket Error # 10061 connection refused

Started by Noory


Socket Error # 10061 connection refused   01 June 2016, 16:05

Getting this error message: "Unable to connect to IP address (socket error # 10061 connection refused)"
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Re: Socket Error # 10061 connection refused   01 June 2016, 16:27

If you have read the Getting Started page and are entering the correct host name with a blank password, please check out this troubleshooting guide.
Hello Team,
Today we had the "Socket Error # 10061 Connection refused." and lost all our settings, and unable to login to the software as it shows "database disk image is malformed". We then uninstalled and re-installed the application and renamed the database folder.

The new instance started ok, but could you please let me know how we can restore the settings and data. If not possible now, then how can we take backup for both configuration and data to avoid this problem in the future?

Also, I ran Wireshark in the server but do not see the XML captures to manage the software using API. Any suggestions will be helpful for us.
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Re: Restoring settings and database after the Socket Error   03 February 2020, 10:13

If the database was corrupted beyond recognition (which results in the SQLITE_CORRUPT error), I am afraid there is no way to recover it without a backup copy. This type of corruption suggests there may be a problem with your hardware, OS or disk file system, so you may like to check those and thus prevent other problems not related to Bandwidth Manager.

For a complete backup, including all rules and all settings, simply choose File - Export Ruleset in the Bandwidth Manager's GUI. It is better to use this method rather than copy the database file, as it will always be in consistent state.

Regarding capturing the protocol, if you have the GUI and the service on the same computer, Wireshark won't capture localhost traffic. You can try this utility instead.

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