Creating rules for unlimited connection to the gateway

Started by st4ck

Creating rules for unlimited connection to the gateway   10 June 2016, 19:22

I want to buy Bandwidth Manager and I'm trying the new version in a company. Works all very well but I've a problem with connection from/to the gateway.

I've created 2 rules, one for upload and one for download, to filter users, assign quotas and limit traffic depending on traffic-type.
I want to remove limit for connection from/to the gateway that also is a File server and a vmware ESXi client. I've added in source/destination in the two rules.
IPv4 address is NOT (with Invert condition) (green interface of the GW). When I connect to (another IP in the LAN behind green) via SSH the connection will be filtered in any case with both Upload/Download rules. I've checked with Wireshark and source destination are obiviously /

Do I something wrong or is a bug?
Thanks in advance. Tested on Windows Server 2012R2
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Re: Creating rules for unlimited connection to the gateway   10 June 2016, 22:05

Here's a couple of things to try:

1) If you are not using bridging, it's best to enable the LAN traffic filter in the global settings. This filter runs in the kernel and can easily handle gigabit speeds.


2) If you are using bridging, create a LAN traffic filtering rule like this:
Protocol: IPv4
Source: Your entire IP range
Destination: Your entire IP range
Interface: LAN (Green?)
Rate: Unlimited
Place this rule on top of the ruleset and all local traffic should be handled by it.

Re: Creating rules for unlimited connection to the gateway   10 June 2016, 22:45

Thanks! Perfect. I had to create a new rule in the top of the ruleset. Now It works correctly.
I've configured it as follow: (can be useful for other users too)
Protocol: IPv4 based
Rate: Unlimited
Direction: Both
Source: IP range (where is the server gw/fileserver)
Destination: IP
Now all clients can communicate with the server without restrictions and all Internet traffic uses the others 2 rules Download/Upload.

Thanks again,
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