How to set prioritization

Started by Glenn


How to set prioritization   14 June 2016, 23:33

Hi to all,

i started using BWM with basic rule configuration, then i review most common config or Mode of Operation (MOP) of other BWM appliances.

The policies are DPI matching as follows:
1st priority - Voice
2nd priority - Video
3rd priority - Web
4th priority - P2P

my WAN bandwidth is 10Mbps uncontented rate, how will i be able to do this without putting data rate per policy. the goal is to give prioritization from the available bandwidth. To explain more, my goal is to set more volume (bandwidth) over the top of proceding policy
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Re: How to set prioritization   15 June 2016, 09:34

Unfortunately the Bandwidth Manager product doesn't really support traffic prioritisation. It may be possible to assign a limit to non-voice traffic to ensure there's always bandwidth available for voice, but generally our product is not suitable for this scenario.

You may want to try a different product like cFos, but I haven't ever met software that does exactly what you need. Not sure if it exists.

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