Set colors for enabled / disabled rules

Started by Lars


Set colors for enabled / disabled rules   17 June 2016, 19:12

I find it rather hard to tell if a rule is enabled or disabled. On my PCs with 1080p resolution the black is almost the same as the grey, so I have to look really close to see if the rule is enabled or not.

The greyed out icon looks basically the same. Maybe a red X on the greyed out icon would help, or a preference setting to define the rule text color for enabled/disable. At least maybe a column which I can add with a status enabled/disabled...

I would highly appreciate that feature.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
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Re: Set colors for enabled / disabled rules   17 June 2016, 20:44

The whole rule text is painted standard system grey when it is disabled. If it happens to be hard to distinguish on your system, you can change it to any colour you like in the screen settings:

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Re: Set colors for enabled / disabled rules   17 June 2016, 21:10

Hi again,

Thanks for the info, it solves the problem for me, since I don't care how my internet explorer etc looks like (input fields and URL field etc).

The windows color for disabled texts are used for input field texts etc as well, so it might not be an option for all users. Maybe tweaking the rule icon to another color i.e. red would be an easy solution.

Anyway, I can live with it like that.

Thanks for your help!

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