BWM in combination with Hotspot software

Started by lukasim


BWM in combination with Hotspot software   11 February 2017, 01:01

I am running a Hotspot software (Antamedia Hotspot) that provides Internet access for guests through a ticket system. The software acts like a router, having 2 network cards, one for WAN, one for LAN. In addition I would now like to make use of the penalties offered in BWM. For example: If the Hotspot ticket allows access with 1Mbps, BWM should give a long transfer penalty of 512kbps for any connection.

My question is whether these two programs might interfere with each other since they are both limiting access in some way? Or is it likely this setup will work? Any experience with similar installations?
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Re: BWM in combination with Hotspot software   11 February 2017, 13:35

It is hard to say. It would really depend on how the Antamedia guys capture and process traffic, as well as the OS you run it on.

I guess the only way to find out is to actually try using them in combination. You can remove the Bandwidth Manager should any problems occur.

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