Max throughput that Bandwidth Manager can handle

Started by Kimran V

Kimran V

Max throughput that Bandwidth Manager can handle   26 January 2018, 09:56

What is the maximum throughput the bandwidth manager can handle, and what component upgrades in terms of processing speed, memory and storage would server require to handle that?

Also what is the max throughput that can be set on any one rule? Again, components needed to handle say 200 customers on that rule?

I am interested in purchasing one of your licenses but not certain which would work with my setup. I am considering the enterprise site license. My setup is such that I only want to use at the edge of my LAN to control bandwidth for computers on my LAN. Will this work for me?
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Re: Max throughput that Bandwidth Manager can handle   26 January 2018, 10:19

It really depends on the CPU power and number of rules (the more GHz the better), while memory capacity and storage are less relevant. In our tests with one rule the system handled around 500 Mbps, with 500 rules, around 100 Mbps, but again it really depends. I recommend downloading the trial version to see if it can handle your load.

Licence-wise, as you probably know we have Standard, Professional and Enterprise licences that differ in available features and maximum number of rules they support. The Enterprise licence has all the features that are available in the trial version and there is no restriction on the number of rules, so it could be a good choice.

Note that since we make the software available as a fully-functional 30-day trial, we expect customers to thoroughly evaluate it in their environment before the purchase. For this reason all sales are final and we don't provide refunds except in limited circumstances. So please make sure it works for you as expected before purchasing a licence.

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