Adding quota boost to a specific IP address

Started by Robert P

Robert P

Adding quota boost to a specific IP address   01 February 2018, 16:57

The software works great. I have only one question about configuration, maybe there's a better way to use it.

Our use case:
We want to block further data transfer between our servers and client PCs when a certain quota is reached in a month. Client PCs have mobile connections and run unattended. Each client should have its own quota.

I've made 1 rule to change data transfer from unlimited to blocked when quota is reached. It applies to an IP range for there are a lot of clients per server and their total number (and used IPs) vary. That works good and data transfer gets blocked.

Long story short:
When a client is blocked and I want to boost quota to allow some more data transfer for this month, I can only apply the boost to the whole rule and that means to the complete IP range. Making rules for every client to boost them individually would be a pain with such number of clients.

Is there a better way to do this?
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Re: Adding quota boost to a specific IP address   01 February 2018, 17:01

There is a workaround you could use without having to create a rule for every client. For example, if you want to give 1 GB to IP address

Create a quota for 1 GB with its Initial Rate set to Unlimited (or a max speed - whichever is required). Set its Reduced Rate to Suspend. The quota will only need to be created once.

Then when you want to give 1 GB to, you can add a rule in the beginning of the ruleset specific to that IP address. In this case until the allocated quota is used, the IP address will be handled by this rule and thus it will be unaffected by a blocking rule below. Once the quota has been used up, the rule will enter the Suspend state as configured in the quota, which basically turns this rule off and the IP address will be handled by its normal rule below.

These rules can be created on demand. In fact you don't need to delete them, so next time you want to give 1 GB to you can simply reset the "suspended" rule and the whole cycle repeats.

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