Using two servers for bandwidth management

Started by mohy mohamed

mohy mohamed

Using two servers for bandwidth management   11 June 2019, 11:10

Dear SoftPerfect,
We have a Single Device Enterprise License for SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager, and now we want to add the second server as an active solution.
What license is needed for this? Will the configuration automatically sync between the two servers?

mohy mohamed
IT admin
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Re: Using two servers for bandwidth management   11 June 2019, 11:13

In this case you simply need to purchase another Single Device Enterprise License and use that licence on the second server.

The configuration will not sync automatically, but you can backup the configuration from the first server and then restore it on the second server. Also, if you intend to use two servers at the same time for the same task, you would need to decide how to route and balance the traffic between them.

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