Setting priority for VoIP traffic

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Setting priority for VoIP traffic   22 July 2019, 09:42

Good day

I own 5 Bandwidth Manager licenses for version 3.2.4. I want to set up a QOS for VoIP. I have 50 PCs on a 200 Mbit line. Can I create a rule that gives priority to VoIP for all 50 PCs?

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Re: Setting priority for VoIP traffic   22 July 2019, 11:01

While Bandwidth Manager doesn't support prioritisation, you may be able to handle all VoIP traffic in a separate rule with unlimited bandwidth.

You could try making a rule like this and placing it at the top of your ruleset (it has to be the first rule):
Source: IPv4 Range: -
Destination: Any
Rate: Unlimited
Protocol: IPv4 based
In the Add/Edit Rule window for the rule, go to Advanced tab, click "Even more advanced settings", and then tick VoIP in the DPI Matching section. The rule should now handle VoIP traffic, while everything else will be handled by subsequent rules.

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