Network Bridge and LAN shaping

Started by Oliver


Network Bridge and LAN shaping   18 December 2019, 17:54

I have a question regarding the implementation of SoftPerfect Bandwidth Manager (BM). We are testing the software in the company for our specific needs and the following is the scenario:
- We have two distant networks (10.50.x.y and 10.60.x.y) and traffic is routed through 2 routers and we hope that BM can be used as a traffic manager when it is installed on the server that is placed between those 2 routers.
- On the server (2008 R2) there are 2 adapters which are connected in Bridged network adapter.
- The Bridged network adapter (created on the OS) is present in the adapter list in BM, the other option is Network Bridging in BM it cannot be saved to create a new Network Bridge adapter.

Although the traffic goes through the server (with BM installed) we cannot shape/control/monitor the traffic with any possible rule that is created just like the BM is not present.

- Is it possible to use BM for this purpose?
- If it is possible, can you instruct me how it can be done (server with 2 adapters and BM installed)? Is the Bridged network adapter solution for this implementation?
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Re: Network Bridge and LAN shaping   18 December 2019, 18:02

The reason Bandwidth Manager does not have any effect in this configuration is that the Windows Network Bridge forwards traffic at a lower level, before it reaches our network driver. In other words, any pass-through traffic never reaches Bandwidth Manager.

Normally in such cases we recommend turning Windows Bridging off and instead using the built-in bridge implementation. Did you have any problems doing this?

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