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HTTPS redirects

Started by Gopal


HTTPS redirects   15 July 2020, 13:14

Is there any solution available to handle HTTPS redirects. If you have any solution we can integrate with Bandwidth Manager, or if we can do anything at our end to set it up manually, please let us know, as most websites are now HTTPS.
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Re: HTTPS redirects   15 July 2020, 13:52

There is a solution, but it may not work the way you would wish it to.

As you may be aware, HTTPS requires the domain certificate and the domain itself to match. For example, a user opens, but since we don't have Facebook's private key, we will need to present a self-signed certificate. Many browsers will not allow users to proceed past this point due to security violation.

The solution is:
1. Create a custom HTTPS web-server using Node.JS, Python or any other scripting language. Configure it in a way to respond with 302 redirect for any request it receives.
2. Test it by opening https://localhost:port. You may see a few security prompts, after which you should be redirected.
3. If the above works, simply create a port mapping in Bandwidth Manager, to map requests to port 443 to the local port you choose for the server.

The result will be:
1. A user opens
2. The request is intercepted by Bandwidth Manager and redirected to the local HTTPS web-server.
3. The local HTTPS web-server responds with a 302 redirect.
4. The user follows the redirect. This may not always work due to HSTS and certificate pinning or browser security settings as they will see this a MITM attack.

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