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How to create a whitelist of user MAC addresses

Started by Mads

We have Bandwidth Manager version 3.2.7 on the vessel.

Is it possible to make a whitelist, so that everyone who isn't on the list won't get any internet access? The quota system has been working fine, but more and more of the crew are bringing more than one phone now, so that they have the double quantity of the internet.

We use the MAC-addresses as users. So another problem is that they just change the MAC-address on their devices.

The crew members onboard are registered in an Excel sheet, so it would be easy to add a column with the MAC-address of the device they will use to get online in that Excel file, and then copy this information into Bandwidth Manager as a text file for example. Is this possible?

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Re: How to create a whitelist of user MAC addresses   13 April 2021, 15:19

Generally yes, you can make a whitelist of permitted MAC addresses:

1. Create a group named Whitelist and add all the allowed MAC addresses to it.

2. Create this rule at the top of the ruleset:
Source: NOT Whitelist Group : Any Port
Destination: Any Address : Any Port
Protocol: IPv4 TCP/UDP
Rate: Blocked

3. Tick the Invert the condition, so it becomes "Source NOT Group". This should drop any packets coming from MAC addresses that are not listed in the whitelist group.
Thanks for the reply. We are getting the MAC addresses into a list onboard right now, and I will test the system later this week.

Is it possible to make comments for MAC-addresses in the list?
Also, is it possible to add information in the User Info column?
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Re: How to create a whitelist of user MAC addresses   14 April 2021, 15:20

From version 3.2.4 onwards, any comments assigned to a group entry will also be shown in the main view and the real-time monitor. This is the case even if the group is not used as such, so it can be used to add comments to individual IP and MAC addresses, as shown below.

Regarding the User Info column, it displays any enabled notifications for that rule. User-defined comments for MAC and IP addresses are shown next to the IP/MAC address.

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