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How to find out the number of streams

Started by Malcolm


How to find out the number of streams   12 November 2021, 10:57

I have been trying Bandwidth Manager bridging on a PC with two adapters and an internal on an Intel Phi card over the PCIe bus. One network-attached adapter is bridged with the Intel Phi card so the card can communicate via TCP/IP. It works fine, but I wondered about licensing and streams.

I have tested only with 3 SSH sessions concurrently so far, and I wondered if that is considered 3 streams in that context? If so, and I had several programs working with Phi card using a few sockets each, would that mean sum up likely max session to determine the license type?
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Re: How to find out the number of streams   12 November 2021, 11:09

The number of streams is not really related to the number of connections passing Bandwidth Manager. It rather determines how many rules you can create and how many users can be tracked. There are two types of rules, depending on how their tracking mode is set:
  • With the default setting, any connection within a rule shares the defined bandwidth limit. In this case, 1 rule = 1 stream. Simply determine how many rules you need, and that will be the number of streams.
  • A rule can be configured in a way that each user has own bandwidth and is identified by the source or destination address. In this case, 1 rule = N streams, where N is the number of identified connections. Again, if you are using the default tracking mode, 1 rule = 1 stream.

You can see how many streams are used at any time in the status bar of the main window:
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