NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked

Started by mogplus8


NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked   02 July 2013, 12:49

Hi all,
I've read the posts about the Ignore Local Traffic checkbox. I've found if I check it NW doesn't crash or anything, it just stops monitoring anything. I've let it run for ten minutes while watching Youtube videos (which I would assume consume considerable bandwidth) and the numbers don't change.
I would particularly like to monitor which application is using how much bandwidth and in which direction. My computer has suddenly started uploading a lot of data and I don't know why. But this only works with the Ignore Local Traffic checkbox checked (according to the message that appears in the report). Having said that it must have been working at some point as there is data in the report. But I don't know when that data was collected as there are no dates in the report. Is there a way to specify the time period the data is for? Like daily or something?

Another thing I don't understand is the option in the Monitored Interfaces dropdown to "ignore local traffic within the LAN: Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver". Is this the same as "Ignore local traffic within the lan"? It seems to stop monitoring anything too, unless I remove the address range to from the networks list (my modem is in that range).

All advice greatly appreciated.

NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked   03 July 2013, 07:48

This may / may not help. If select "ignore local traffic," then probably need "All Networks" selected / showing in the box above the ignore local traffic.

And (probably) then, when click networks button, should have checked: "all networks I connect to." Unless you have a special network system w/ multiple adapters, etc.

I don't know you can monitor individual apps w/ NW, unless ONLY one app is accessing the Net at a time.

Other apps that will monitor individual apps. Kaspersky IS has a network monitor that shows current & totals for up / down activity, for each app.

I can't remember if WireShark will show individual apps - you can check.
I think it might help you ID what's u/l a lot of data (if it does it again). Definitely which address is receiving the data.

There may be other freeware - look on Gizmo's Reviews [www.techsupportalert.com]

NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked   03 July 2013, 12:11

EDIT to above post: I haven't used it yet, by v5.2.8 changes says:

Added recording traffic usage per application in the Ignore LAN traffic mode.


NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked   05 July 2013, 17:08

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

I have found that the application logging seems to work now with "Ignore Lan Traffic" checked. It didn't before but I downloaded and reinstalled NW again (still 5.2.8) but it seems to be working now. Interestingly it appears to be my virus software that is the culprit (Trend Micro). Funny thing is it suddenly started doing it on 8 June. My upload traffic increased by a factor of 10. I'll have to get onto them next!


NW stops working when Ignore Local Traffic ticked   06 July 2013, 02:44

I don't understand all the reasons why (sometimes there are specific reasons - not choosing only one adapter, if have > 1).

Occasionally for me, making certain option changes (other than adapter selection) causes large errors in reported traffic. Like graph showing GB vs MB or KB. Sometimes rebooting (if you have correct settings) gets things back on right track.

You're saying Trend Micro was shown to be u/l large amounts? I doubt it's accurate, but you could check / ask on their forum. Some NW users also report "Ghost" readings in NW. Shows traffic that never happened & wasn't logged by the ISP. I don't FULLY understand that - you can search here for that term - Ghost traffic / data (or use search engine). Ixquick & Startpage [scrapes Google] are good, privacy conscious ones.

Sometimes you can get the answer faster if you try the forum search and/or have a look at the software user manual to see if your question has already been answered.

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