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Changes to Speed Meter   13 March 2016, 20:19

In previous versions it used to have lots of statistics, but recently when I uninstalled and reinstalled it all it has is: My IP address, Nearest testing server, ping, upload speed and download speed. It used to have easily 15-20 different stats, including data downloaded; which is what I use to start and stop frequently and record how much data I have used when I connect my phone for 4g. My wifi is slow.

I don't understand why it was changed. Or is there something that I am missing here?

Help much appreciated,
Thanks in advance
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Re: Changes to Speed Meter   13 March 2016, 21:29

I am sorry that you did not welcome the change, however we don't currently plan to bring the old speed meter back.

NetWorx has millions of users and every time we make a change, there is someone who doesn't like it. The changes were prompted but the user feedback and the frequency of support questions relating to the old speed meter. At the same time we can't keep all the old and new features together, as this would eventually turn NetWorx into a bloated, impossible to comprehend piece of software.

You are welcome to keep using the last version (5.5.1) that had the feature you needed. It should still work perfectly fine.

Re: Changes to Speed Meter   15 March 2016, 12:12

It is strange to see another user unhappy about the new speedmeter and grieving over the old one. Are you really watching the meter ticking over each specific file transfer? You can see that sort of stuff on the Downloads page in any half-decent browser. The new meter gives you at least some idea how fast your connection really is. The statistics about each particular file transfer is pointless. It often depends on the server it comes from and is irrelevant to YOUR connection.

Re: Changes to Speed Meter   15 March 2016, 13:30

Try the DownThemAll extension for Firefox which is superior to the old SpeedMeter. It shows stats for each specific download for situations where there are multiple downloads running concurrently. The only downside is that those stats disappear once the file is completely downloaded.

Re: Changes to Speed Meter   16 March 2016, 17:31

You guys don't understand how and why I use it if that is your response.

I need to meter all the data I use within a specific time limit through all avenues: skype, steam, browser, updates, ect.

Sebastian I don't know what you mean watching each specific file transfer but I do this so I don't go over my mobile data limit. You say the new meter gives you an idea of how fast your connection is but it already does that! In like multiple different fashions. You can check the transfer rate so many different ways. Why not add a new feature instead of replacing an old one?

I didn't want this to go sour so I am sorry about all this. I didn't know you could get old versions. Thanks for the one informative answer, cheers.

Re: Changes to Speed Meter   17 March 2016, 09:09

I can relate to careful use of traffic. I have tight and expensive limits too, but I use the Usage Reports feature in Networx to spare me extra charges. I just don't see how knowing the transfer rate of multiple files/apps at any given time can help to watch the limits. Those transfers vary between and within each instance, start and end at different times. It's like trying to calculate how many people are in a building by looking at the entrance door during one minute.

Anyway I didn't meant to sound abrupt towards you talon010, I just really like Networx and have a huge admiration for its developers, so I've gone a bit protective in my response. I'm glad to see that you are happy to use an older version. My best wishes to you.

Re: Changes to Speed Meter   18 March 2016, 20:23

Thanks Sebastian,

Appreciate the explanation but I still feel like we are on different levels here, i use the start stop function to measure overall how much data is both uploaded and downloaded within an amount of time which is unknown to the computer. So it needs that manual input of when to start and stop measuring. I can't quite figure out what you mean exactly but this old version definitely suits my needs more. Except I'm telling it to open when windows starts but it wont do it.

I agree that these devs are absolutely amazing, any dev that makes a quality product is exceptional in my books.

Thanks for the good words mate, All the best.

New Speed Meter   22 March 2016, 02:33

Hello SoftPerfect,

I have been using Networks Speed Meter several years.
The "new" version is no use for me anymore.
There are several (supper) tools to check my Provider Speed / Performance.
Sorry to hear that there is no intentention to re-enable the "old" Speed Meter.
So i have to change to an other Tool.

Regards - Hardy
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Re: New Speed Meter   22 March 2016, 11:42

Dear users for whom the old meter was crucial, please use the link to the older version provided above.

At SoftPerfect, we do our best to offer high quality software, but we also understand that it is impossible to please everyone. Any change in any widely used software makes a few users unhappy. And there is no solution to this:
1. If we stop developing NetWorx and stop making any changes, millions of users will be sad to see the product abandoned.
2. If we never remove any antiquated features and make improvements only by adding, the product will soon become impossible for users to understand and to use, and impossible for the developers to maintain it properly, which would lead to more complaints from frustrated and confused users.

The old meter existed for a decade, and over those years we received countless questions and requests from our users asking why nothing happens when they click "start", why NetWorx doesn't generate its own traffic, why users need to be responsible for creating the measured data transfer, etc, etc... There were hundreds of requests to make NetWorx Speed Meter more conventional and easier to use. The new meter is a response to those requests.

If you are one of those users who is unhappy about the change, we are sorry, but this was unavoidable, as already explained. If this change prompted you to find and start using another tool, we are glad that you found the software that suits your needs better. That's why there are so many different applications - to cater to different tastes and needs.
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