Multiple bandwidth usage logging

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Multiple bandwidth usage logging   01 June 2016, 01:04

I love using the Deskband and with Windows 10 auto installs knowing when transactions are occurring has become even more important. Whether at home on Cable or at work on 4Glte.

I can set Networx to only monitor the 4G connection but then the Deskband doesn't work at home on cable. Is there any way to keep Deskband running even when Networx is not logging traffic? Possibly having two logs, one for that single connection and the other for everything else.

Side note... Should limiting monitoring to a single interface slow Networx down like setting ignore local traffic would? If so that may explain the non-responsiveness note in another post.
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Re: Multiple bandwidth usage logging   01 June 2016, 09:28

NetWorx cannot separately monitor multiple connections. You may want to use two portable instances: one set to monitor 4G and the other one to monitor Cable.

Since those are portable though, there will be no desk band, but you can see usage indicators in the notification area's icon:

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