Deskband display issue

Started by ed1


Deskband display issue   03 June 2016, 23:54

With the latest build of Networx, I am noticing that the box on the left side of the deskband display (where the Download and Upload rates are shown numerically) is not tall enough to cover the moving graphical display of traffic activity. The result is that the user can still see the very bottom of the moving bars directly below the box. This was not the case with prior builds, afaik.

It is not as polished an appearance as it was before. Before, when the moving bars hit the box, they were no longer visible as they were completely covered by the box.
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Re: Deskband display issue   04 June 2016, 09:38

It has always been like that and it depends on the taskbar's height. Perhaps your taskbar was more narrow before.

You may want to play with the hidden settings, in particular set Overlay desk band numbers to False to change how the readings are displayed.

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