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Monitoring router - usage and throughput for all devices

Started by InterstingPede


Monitoring router - usage and throughput for all devices   06 June 2016, 05:44

Hey, I just set this up to monitor our usage at the gateway. I configured NetWorx to monitor my Router through UPnP - as far as I can tell, it's generally working properly - I can select the interface and I see some usage information. I figured I'd be able to see my usage for all traffic over the WAN. So, I go to test it out. I select the interface, I start downloading some things, and I look at the throughput information. What I found was that, despite my downloading something at about 1 MB/s, NetWorx appears to be reporting about 260 kbits/s and I know this can't be correct. Am I doing something wrong or am I missing something? I question whether monthly usage reports will be accurate once I've started using it for a while. Any suggestions?

To add to the confusion, I see the "Ignore LAN Traffic" button, which I want to use, but it seems to default the monitored device to "all connections" but I want it to monitor all traffic to the gateway, does this acheive what I want in monitoring only traffic to/from the WAN?

My goal is to obtain monthly usage, realtime throughput, etc. for traffic to the WAN from the LAN and for traffic from the WAN to the LAN. Pretty standard. They don't necessarily need to be segregated as such - totals would be fine.
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Re: Monitoring router - usage and throughput for all devices   06 June 2016, 09:31

You don't need to use the Ignore local traffic within the LAN option. It refers to filtering out local communications when monitoring traffic on the computer where NetWorx is installed. When monitoring a router's WAN interface, either via SNMP or UPnP, there is no local traffic on that interface and this option is not needed.

As to incorrectly reported values, unfortunately many routers out there have this issue. When monitoring a router, NetWorx polls the router every second and compares the amount of transferred data between the polls to calculate usage and speed. Yet some routers simply return incorrect data, for example see this topic, in which I explained how to test it.

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