Daytime and night-time quota

Started by Rodolfo Guglielmi

Rodolfo Guglielmi

Daytime and night-time quota   08 August 2016, 19:57

HI. I, as millions of users at least in Italy and Europe, have a contract with Provider who allow 1GB of traffic from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Afterwards, during the night they give us no limits about Internet traffic (upload + download).
I use Networx basically for the alarm during the the day, and obviously not in the night. But on every next morning, I have to reset/refresh the Quota, because I need to restart from a 1GB limit and Networx does not permit that: the Refresh button, present if you select Quota through right click, does not work. That button does not reset the amount of the Quota. Consequentially, I have to do all the times 2 calculations and put a false value in Quota amount, in order that I might obtain the correct Quota corresponding to 1GB. And I have to do that also day after the next one, sometimes.

Example. Just yesterday I had to put a false value in order to obtain my goal in Quota, that is a residual quota of 1GB. Then I spent some GB in the night. Today, on the morning, I found a 520 MB residual in Quota from a 1930 MB permitted. So, I had to subtract this from 994 MB (= the real 1Gb allowed), and I have 474. And now I have to add this value to 1930, obtaining at last 2404 MB. Only in this twisted way I can obtain a residual value of 994 MB. A labour to do every time.
How can I can solve this problem? This fact happens both on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It ever possible that there is not a way to reset the counter in Quota when the user want..? I need help about this.
Thanks and cheers.
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Re: Daytime and night-time quota   08 August 2016, 20:25

I am not sure what you are doing, but isn't that sufficient to set your on-peak hours correctly and then simply use on-peak quota?

SoftPerfect support forum

SoftPerfect support forum
Rodolfo Guglielmi

Re: Daytime and night-time quota   13 August 2016, 20:38

Hi, Andrew. Thanks for the solution. I have not analyzed this indirect way to obtain my goal. I have set this way right now, and I think that it will work surely.
But, at the same time, I noticed your uncertainty about "what I am doing", while I thought to have explained clearly my problem.
The problem was this: Networx does not permit a simple reset of quota. It this was, it would more simple to obtain the exact quota every morning you wake up.
I desire to add a further example.
You usually cook in oven an animal every day, at 8:00 AM.
First time of use is a happy day. The timer is okay, at all because is at 0. You set 1 hour. The alarm starts from 0:00 time obviously. Very good. BUT along the time you notice that that chicken is too small and turn off the oven before the limit of 1 hour. You eat your chicken and are happy, thanks to God.
Second day. Now you want to cook a turkey, and would r-e-s-e-t the timer to 0, in order to set afterwards 1 hour of cooking. BUT if the timer is named Networx you can not reset the timer. In the timer appears the rest of the time of the previous day, and so you have to do acrobatic philosophies to manage this situation in order to obtain your objective.
Have I explained well what I mean, now..? Simply, the authors of Networx did not think about the more simple solution, about the more simple use of this software.
Your solution seems okay at all, but is indirect, not immediate, more complicated than a simple reset. You should permit a division from a total, indirect and complete bunch of features, and the more simple use similar to a timer with alarm set at a quota you can reset every time you want, directly.
Obviously this is only my opinion.
Sometimes you produce a good, complete software, without noticing that there are people who do not need all those features and tend to a simpler use. But, afterwards, they found out that some hidden, advanced features impede their simple use. In short, you brought me to enter Advanced Options. But now I discovered that these A.O. are not a path you may take. They are always in function. Indeed, if you do not use them, then you can not get the equivalent action of a Reset as I was desiring. I hope to have explained better now.
Thanks again for the solution.

Best regards
Rodolfo Guglielmi

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