Application bandwidth tracking in NetWorx

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Application bandwidth tracking in NetWorx   08 September 2016, 00:57


I recently installed this application but something is off. Network is completely missing the bandwidth used by a specific application (Teamviewer). It is a heavy bandwidth user especially when accessing remotely and it does not appear in the applications tab.

Furthermore the Applications tab total usage from all apps always equals the totals indicated on the General tab, therefore it is not even counting the bandwidth Teamviewer program is using even in the General tab.

How can I fix it so that Teamviewer program WAN bandwidth is tracked and included in the Applications and General tab?

Thanks in advance for you response.

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Re: Application bandwidth tracking in NetWorx   08 September 2016, 08:00

It kind of works for me. I see two possibilities here:
  1. You are running an unattended installation of TeamViewer and NetWorx is not running in your TeamViewer session. Obviously when NetWorx is not running, it cannot record usage.
  2. There is a chance that for some reason the default TDI driver that comes with NetWorx doesn't see TeamViewer's traffic. If so, please use this workaround to have it monitored.

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