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NetWorx doesn't see UWP apps like Microsoft Edge

You may notice that when the Ignore local traffic within the LAN option is enabled, Universal Windows Platform apps like Microsoft Edge are not recorded in the list of applications.

This occurs because the driver used in earlier versions of NetWorx to filter out LAN traffic didn't support those apps. If you need to monitor those apps, you should install a newer version of NetWorx as described below:

  1. Backup your usage records through Usage Records – Backup. This will backup your configuration as well.
  2. Uninstall NetWorx and reboot.
  3. Install the latest version of NetWorx.
  4. Restore your usage and configuration through Usage Records – Restore using the file you created in step 1.

Alternatively, you can try our NetMaster product. It's a modern alternative to NetWorx that supports application monitoring, including UWP apps.

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