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Compatibility with VPN clients and virtual network adapters

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)


VPN software can be incompatible with NetGenius network monitoring. It is a common issue with VPN clients, because they intercept network connections from other applications, encrypt them, and then send them on within a secure tunnel.

Depending on how a specific VPN client is implemented, this problem can manifest itself as either:

  • network activity is correctly reported for other applications, and then the same activity is reported again for the VPN client; or
  • no network activity is displayed for other applications, while all their traffic is attributed to the VPN client.


If you see the same traffic counted twice, right-click the VPN process in NetGenius list and mark it as Skipped. This should make NetGenius ignore VPN traffic and resolve the double-counting problem.

If you see your traffic reported for VPN only and nothing for other applications, you could try NetWorx instead. It is also a network monitor, but it is implemented differently and there are differences in features between NetWorx and NetGenius. NetWorx is better compatible with some VPN clients, however it cannot block or prioritise applications.

Virtual Network Adapters/Interfaces (VIF)

NetGenius cannot monitor virtual network adapters or any traffic originating from the Windows kernel. This is because it runs at a higher level in the network stack for the purpose of being able to intercept network activity along with process information necessary for application management, whereas virtual network adapters are located at a lower level.

If you want to monitor virtual adapters, you can use a different tool — NetWorx. It operates at a lower level and has two monitoring modes: adapter monitoring and application monitoring. The adapter monitoring mode can monitor any adapters, including virtual ones. However, its operation at a lower level also means that NetWorx doesn't have access to application information.

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