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NetWorx shows inaccurate traffic usage

Too High

If NetWorx data usage readings look higher than you expected, make sure you are monitoring the correct network interface. Open the NetWorx settings and choose one specific network interface to monitor.

Another reason may be that you have a lot of local traffic and NetWorx is monitoring a network adapter. In this case change the mode to applications monitoring, which will also discard any local traffic.

Too Low

Possible reason 1

NetWorx only monitors usage of the computer(s) it is installed on. If you also have a tablet, smartphone, video game console, smart TV and so on, their usage is not recorded. See this article for more details.

Possible reason 2

With the “Monitoring of applications” option enabled, NetWorx can report lower usage than expected. It is common to see up to 5–10% under-reporting, depending on the specifics of your network connection.

Possible reason 3

NetWorx runs as a regular application, not as a service. This means it can miss traffic that occurs before a user logs in, for example, automatic updates downloaded by the operating system.

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