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Can NetWorx monitor all my devices (iPad, laptops, smart TV)?

NetWorx can only monitor traffic on the computer where it is installed. If you want to monitor traffic on multiple computers, you basically have two options:

  • Install NetWorx on every computer in your network. This can only be done if all your computers are running Windows. While NetWorx can only monitor traffic on the computer it is installed on, the instances of NetWorx can talk to each other so that each instance is synchronised and shows the actual overall usage. In this case, devices like iPads, Smart TV or mobile phones will not be metered. This synchronisation needs to be turned on in the advanced settings.
  • If your router supports so-called SNMP or UPnP protocol, you can monitor all traffic via your router. This however will not give you a per-device usage breakdown and the monitoring computer must be continuously on to poll the router and collect usage data. See the Router Monitoring page for more details.

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