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NetGenius or NetWorx: what to choose?

If you are looking at our NetWorx and NetGenius products, you most likely noticed that some of their functionality is similar, and may be wondering which product to choose. It is a good question, as there are also significant differences between these products: NetWorx speciality is in detailed traffic usage monitoring and reporting, while NetGenius is intended for controlling network connectivity of specific applications and processes.


NetWorx is one of our oldest, most established products: it has been perfected for nearly two decades. Back then, Internet traffic was slow and expensive, and to be able to closely monitor data usage, precisely count downloaded megabytes, and receive detailed reports was important to many users.

If you currently have an Internet connection with expensive data, or need to keep an eye on your peak/off-peak data allowances, or want to check how correct your ISP charges are, download and try our NetWorx. It is available for Windows and macOS.

The different approach in NetWorx implementation also gives it the ability to monitor virtual network interfaces and a better compatibility with some VPN software.


These days, many users have data-rich or unlimited plans and are generally less worried how much traffic they use, but more concerned about how fast their connection is and how much privacy control they have over each application, as almost every modern application tries to connect to the Internet and exchange some data.

NetGenius is a newer product that was created to address these modern concerns via real-time bandwidth monitoring, setting priorities, and firewall-like blocking abilities for specific applications that give users control over the level of their privacy and security. Such per-application focus means that NetGenius will most likely remain available for Windows only.


Real-time monitoring of app network activity
Historical usage records
Prioritisation and blocking of apps  
Remote access from another computer  
Connection speed testing  
Connection uptime/downtime monitoring  
Quota notifications  
Router monitoring  
Virtual network adapter monitoring  
Better compatibility with some VPN clients  
Supported systems Windows

Try before you buy!

Whatever your requirements are, we strongly recommend downloading free trials of NetWorx and/or NetGenius and taking advantage of the fully-featured 30-day trial to make the right decision and choose the product that works well in your environment and helps you achieve your goals.

Using NetWorx and NetGenius together

It is best to choose one application, but if you want to use both NetWorx and NetGenius at the same time, NetWorx should be monitoring your network adapter rather than applications:

  • In NetWorx v6 and below, the “Ignore local traffic within the LAN” option must be unchecked.
  • In NetWorx v7 and above, the monitoring mode must not be set to the monitoring of applications.

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