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WiFi Guard: technical questions and how-to

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How to block unrecognised devices

WiFi Guard is purely a monitoring solution, so it cannot block or manage other devices. This is not because WiFi Guard is lacking the necessary functionality, but because it is technically impossible ...

How to close WiFi Guard before updating or uninstalling it

When you are installing a newer version of WiFi Guard or removing the current installation, you may be asked to close all running instances of it. To close WiFi Guard, choose File – Quit in the...

WiFi Guard shows one MAC address for all devices behind a wireless repeater

Sometimes you may notice that WiFi Guard reports one MAC address for all devices behind a wireless range extender or repeater. In this case it would look like the devices have different IP addresses, ...

WiFi Guard doesn't see some or any devices on my network

Sometimes WiFi Guard may be unable to detect some or all devices connected to your network. There can be a few reasons for that: Those devices are in sleep mode. Wake, activate, or turn them on, an...