Network connection monitor

Started by tidbit

Network connection monitor   07 October 2016, 03:59

No, not the included tool wink

There already exists a Notifications feature, and logging, would it be possible to add in a way to show if you have an internet connection or not?
Such as:
* the user is browsing the web or playing a game or talking on IRC/skype/whatever
* all of a sudden the internet connection dies (which is often for me...)
* networx then notifies the user it cannot detect a working connection via traytip, win10 notification and/or a messagebox. perhaps the deskband also changes, like "D: --- \n U: ---" or "NO \n CONN" (\n = newline)
* once reconnected, the user is notified again that they are back online, networx returns to doing its thing.
* the events could also be logged, something like: Usage Reports -> Connections. That way we can show stuff to IT or the ISP or whoever could benefit from such info
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Re: Network connection monitor   07 October 2016, 10:27

It sounds just like the built-on Connection Monitor, except perhaps it needs to have an option like "Notify me when it goes down"?

Re: Network connection monitor   07 October 2016, 12:59

Ya, I guess i could keep that running, I also feel paranoid that it might ping too much and google (or others) might get mad and start blocking me. I thought there might have been a cleaner way involving the download/upload speed system you have instead of constant pings.

I'm not really sure how [Windows does it]* either, but I have looked into it. supposedly it's some complex COM & DLL stuff.

* this icon gets a yellow exclamation when internet gets disconnected
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Re: Network connection monitor   07 October 2016, 13:18

Well, the only way to check if we are still online or not is to ping a site or try to open a web-site periodically.

I am pretty sure that's what Windows does behind the scenes. In terms of eating bandwidth, pings are smaller than loading a page - that's why we use them.

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