Connection monitor timeout limit

Started by Ed Moulton

Ed Moulton

Connection monitor timeout limit   01 December 2016, 02:35

I am having a battle with my internet provider. I am having multiple daily dropped phone calls. Phone system is part of a package of internet, phone and cable TV service. Package is paid thru developers quarterly maintenance fees and can't be switched to another provider without having to pay for both.
Last phone call to complain about lack of phone use tech suggested I start a log of all lost calls and other cable and internet service issues.
Found and downloaded your NetWorx shareware program and found and started the Connection Monitor. The log generated seems to identify and log lost connections greater than one minute. For the past 2 days I have logged 15 gaps in connectivity. While watching the monitor's "ping" section in real time, there are many times more unlogged lost connections for periods less than 60 seconds. I tried setting the connection monitor timeout value to a value less than 60 seconds and the Parameter line changes to a BOLD text which must identify a setting out of range for that parameter.
Lost or dropped phone calls happen in a split second and I'd like to have a more detailed log of shorter connection losses to share with the provider in hopes of getting this issue resolved. Is there a second hidden settings page I can access to change that parameter?

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Re: Connection monitor timeout limit   01 December 2016, 10:27

Lines highlighted in bold indicate the values that were changed from the default. It doesn't mean out of range or invalid input.

Regarding testing the connection, there is a better way for your situation. Simply open a command prompt as administrator and type:
ping foobar -t > c:\output.txt
The "foobar" should be replaced with your ISP's site or another reliable server, e.g. This will ping the site in question every second and record any dropout, as well as provide statistics when you stop it with Ctrl+C.

Then you can show the log to your ISP. In that scenario they won't be able to say something like "Oh we can't trust third-party tools", because the ping command is a standard way of testing network uptime and stability.
Ed Moulton

Re: Connection monitor timeout limit   02 December 2016, 05:28

thanks for the help & info.

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