Remember Column Widths in Usage Report

Started by Huidong


Remember Column Widths in Usage Report   03 May 2017, 08:33

I always have to adjust the column widths of the tables in the Usage Report window to reveal the full text of certain columns, especially for the date column of the Per Week and Hourly Rates tables. Could you make NetWorx able to remember the adjustments users made on the column widths?

Alternatively, if NetWorx could automatically adjust the widths of the columns so that all texts are visible, then it would work as well. However you feel more natural to implement this, but I do hope that I don't have to adjust the columns every time I view the reportssmile

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Remember Column Widths in Usage Report   04 May 2017, 15:10

Sure, I think we'll be able to include this in the next release. Thanks! ok, yes, thumb up

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