How to setup the router monitoring

Started by Tom Hobbs

Tom Hobbs

How to setup the router monitoring   26 June 2017, 09:48

I can't seem to get the router monitoring aspect to connect. I went to the Main tab and selected saw the router defaulted to SNMP. It collected data, but I think it was collecting only on the computer it was installed on. My router has the UPnP protocol. I selected that and then the gateway name pulled in my Frontier Communications router name and model. The lower box which says WAN interface had only one selection and it says WANCommonIFC1. I've missed something somewhere? What settings should I put in those boxes? I have the trial version. Thanks
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Re: How to setup the router monitoring   26 June 2017, 14:58

Did you have a chance to review the router monitoring help page?

Basically NetWorx supports two different technologies called SNMP and UPnP. Many routers support at least one of these, some routers support both and few support neither.
  • If you choose the SNMP option and there is a list of available interface, it means SNMP is working. Then you may have to try choosing different interfaces until you find out which one represents the ISP connection (it's usually called wan, ppp0 or similar).
  • If you choose the UPnP option and there is WANCommonIFC1 shown in the drop-down box, it means UPnP is working. While there is no need to configure anything else, quite a few routers have bugs in their firmware and may not provide correct usage information in which case the graph would be showing nothing. If that is the case with your router, UPnP is unusable and I recommend to resort to SNMP if it's supported by the device.

Re: How to setup the router monitoring   27 June 2017, 05:53

The router page confused me a bit. I'm not that familiar with protocols. I may switch back to SNMP tonight. It had defaulted to the SNMP setting and chose to go to the UPnP after reading the page. The SNMP setting did not have a selection in the second box like the UPnP I believe. It was blank. The UPnP had the WANCommonIFC1 selection. Leave the SNMP second box blank? I also have a continuous exception error regarding the graph that doesn't go away.
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Re: How to setup the router monitoring   27 June 2017, 08:16

The blank drop-down box under SNMP / WAN interface suggests that SNMP isn't available. It may be because it's not supported by the router, firewall settings, or not enabled in the router's configuration.

This leaves you with the UPnP option only. In that case tick UPnP, then select your router's name and WANCommonIFC1.

Selecting UPnP as recommended above should generally work, but what was the continuous exception error you mentioned? Could you post a screen shot?

Re: How to setup the router monitoring   28 June 2017, 10:08

Well, it seems the exception error went away. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled. Put the settings for SNMP and it been almost 24 hours with no error. Maybe a little corruption. I have it set to measure all devices through my modem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it means it collects the info on all my devices using the modem (smartphones, Mac computers, PC's, etc.). It just doesn't have a breakdown of each device's usage. I didn't want to install the program on each PC. So, the total usage is good enough for now. If I purchase the program, I presume my settings and current totals remain?
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Re: How to setup the router monitoring   28 June 2017, 10:27

Provided you have selected the external (WAN) interface to be monitored under the SNMP settings, yes all your devices are monitored. You can test it by downloading a file from one of the devices and see if NetWorx reflects that on its graph.

Please note that the computer that runs NetWorx should be on 24/7 to accurately capture usage information.

If you decide to purchase the program, you will simply enter a licence key into the trial version you already have. It doesn't require any new installations, and won't affect any settings or any usage records.

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