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How to monitor high speed connection only

Started by Dennis Stanley

Dennis Stanley

How to monitor high speed connection only   13 July 2017, 09:03

Hi, my name is Stan and I've been using NetWorx about a week. It's great BTW, saves my data on my metered connection since I can see if a site is going bonkers sending me unwanted data, and gives me other valuable information. I'm using less data since I got it.

Can I set it so it will only measure my high speed broadband metered data (that uses my personal wireless hotspot) ? I also have a separate slow unmetered wireless ISP account that I only use when I'm running low on my metered broadband monthly allotment. I don't want to include data from that one on NetWorx. The wireless hotspot hooks me to a different MAC address every time so I can't use the "networks" tab on the general setting to chose only the high speed. NetWorx doesn't do anything unless I set it for "All connections" or "all wireless connections" which include the slow unmetered account. "Mobile broadband"and "dial up" don't work.

Not a big deal since I could subtract my data from the slow speed sessions, or turn NetWorx monitoring off while I'm on the slow ISP, but it would be more convenient if it would exclude the slow ISP automatically. I have the PDF help file but maybe I'm missing something.
SoftPerfect Support forum - Andrew avatar image

Re: How to monitor high speed connection only   13 July 2017, 11:31

It's quite strange that the wireless hotspot's MAC address changes between connections. I guess there may be a setting in it to turn this "randomisation" on and off.

If not, unfortunately NetWorx simply has no way to differentiate between connections. Say, if your PC uses the same WiFi card to connect to either "slow unmetered" or "fast metered" access point, the only way to tell them apart would be their MAC address. This however won't work if the MAC address changes over time.

Could you perhaps mention the model of your "fast metered" access point, and post here a screenshot of the MAC addresses shown under the Networks dialog in NetWorx?
Dennis Stanley

Re: How to monitor high speed connection only   13 July 2017, 13:24

Thanks Andrew. It's a T-Mobile Alcatel mobile hotspot. I checked "networks" on settings. Each time I go online it gives me a different gateway MAC address. It's a security feature than can be turned off, I think, but I prefer to leave it on.

I'll just have to write down how much data is used in the unmetered wireless sessions so I'll know where I'm at with the metered account, or set NetWorx on "dial-up" before I go on so it doesn't count anything. It would only take a minute. I don't use the unmetered ISP much anyway, it's just too slow.

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